Bangor Daily News is reporting that Mount Hope Cemetery is allowing for 'Whole Family-Lots" to include pets.

This is a first in the State of Maine but something that's been requested more recently throughout the nation. Some states don't allow pets to be buried with their human companions, others allow for a special section for pet burials. But, a whole-family lot allows for your furry companion to be buried among the human.

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Mt. Hope Cemetery has the 'Whole-Family Lot' listed under their services on their website, which adds up to $1000 per grave space. In the 'Cemetery Rules' section of the website, it's explained in a little more detail what the 'whole-family lot' is all about:

The Whole-Family Section is for the burial of cremated remains of humans and the cremated remains of their pets. No full burials will be allowed. This area is located in a designated area inside the Cemetery in our Northern Division. Each grave will allow the internment of three cremated remains only. A single grave will allow one monument and one flat marker
with restrictions. A multiple grave lot will allow one monument on the lot and one flat marker per grave space with restrictions. No bronze memorial 13 will be allowed. Burial of pet remains is at the discretion of the Superintendent or their representative.

The cemetery is still providing a pets-only section they call the 'Faithful Friends Pet Section', which is for cremated remains only. One lot can be for up to two pets and pet burials are at the discretion of the superintendent.

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