While sleeping in the recliner last night, half watching the perpetual feed of House Hunters on HGTV, I came to that the episode was filmed in the Bangor area.The episode entitled "Bizarre Needs In Bangor" focused on a child psychiatrist and his wife that wanted to move to the area.  She wanted to live in Bangor, and he wanted to live in Orono.  Can you guess who won that battle?

Elizabeth Moskovitz from the ERA Dawson Bradford Agency with offices in Bangor and Orono, was the agent that showed the couple around.

What were some of the "bizarre needs" that the couple were in search of?  Well, she wanted a screened in porch for the cat, and he insisted that there couldn't be a staircase near the front entryway because of his fear of claustrophobia.

Hate to tell you but the show won't be repeated again until next month, and it's not currently available on the HGTV site.  But, make plans to check it out Friday night, March 24th, at 10PM, and then again the following Saturday morning at 1AM.  HGTV is channel 229 on DirecTV and channel 43 on cable in Bangor.  Program your DVR RIGHT NOW!




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