It was just about a month ago when we brought you the update that Yankee Cobbler, a downtown Bangor business that was forced to close its doors after a Thanksgiving Day fire last year, was waiting to hear whether or not it could re-open for business. In January, Owner Jonathan Lambert, who has been running the shop for the last 16 years from its State Street location, posted on the Yankee Cobbler Facebook Page, that his hope was to reopen once he had heard from Insurance Adjusters.

He said once that happened, he could return items that had been dropped off to be worked on, that had not been damaged in the fire, to their owners. He thanked his patrons for their patience and explained that while a number of items that had been brought in for repair were not damaged, the antique equipment Lambert used to perform those repairs had suffered in the fire and would likely need to be replaced.

This month, Lambert took to Facebook once again to deliver the sad news that he would not be reopening the shop and was working to return items to patrons who had dropped them off last winter.

"THE GOOD NEWS: FINALLY, our insurance claim has been settled and the contents of the business have been released...THE BAD NEWS:I have decided NOT to re-open.  The decision not to re-open has been a very challenging and emotional one. I appreciate all of you and your patronage over the past 16 years!!"

Lambert went on to say that he had partnered with a company called Maine Outdoor Solutions to return outstanding items to patrons, and was hoping to get everything back to where it belongs by the end of February.

Customers filled the comment section of his Facebook Page with well-wishes, and inquiries as to who else would do leatherwork in the area, one saying "Sorry to hear you won't be reopening... My shoes and I will miss you."


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