The official list, according to....well, me.

Yup, this is my list. This isn't one of those stupid aggregator sites, with an article written by some joker who doesn't even live here, with inane opinions about how our streets sound. I looked around on a bunch of different spots on the internet, after being inspired driving through Hermon, on the way to my mom's.

I passed by a road called Buzzy's Place. Now obviously, there are rules about what goes into naming a road. And not every road with a sign on it is a public road. I know that much from my camp road. We have a sign and everything, but it's a private road. So, there's probably an awesome story about Buzzy's Place that sadly, I'll never know.

What's so fun about all these street names?

Basically, my only rule was that the names be fun to say. If they gave me a chuckle for some reason, it made the list. Or if there was some interesting irony about the name. Like Fruit Street. Fun to say? Sure. But it makes me think of apples because there's a school on it. You know.... apple for the teacher... Anyone? Beuller?

Or Yellow Brick Road in Glenburn. It's a dirt road that looks like it goes to a place where people bury stuff they never want to be found again. It's brown and dirt. No yellow. No bricks. Certainly, no Lollipop Guild singing songs. Or Wiswell Road in Holden. It sounds like something a warrior says to his friend as he's about to do battle, going #1. "Wizz Well, my friend!!!"

In the end, it's all just for fun. You're probably sitting at your desk right now, or on the potty killing time... Either way, if you live around here, you've probably seen some of these names and wondered all the same things I did. So let's look now, at the Bangor area's funnest (no, that's not a real word) street names....

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