As we get ready for graduation season, and students across the state gear up to attend Project Graduation parties and festivities, we can't help but think back to when many of us were young and went through the same thing.

Many might remember (but probably want to forget) the music and fashion of the 1980s. And if you happened to be a High School student in Eastern Maine during that time, there's a good chance you or one of your classmates made an appearance on a little local show called the 'Bounty Bandstand.'

Modeled loosely after the national show, American Bandstand, a television show hosted by Dick Clark from the 50s to the late 80s, that featured music and dance performances and a live band, Bangor's version, the 'Bounty Bandstand', aired on local television, too. 'Bounty Bandstand' was designed as a way for Maine Hish Schools to raise money for their "alcohol and chemical-free" parties.

Bangor's "Bounty Bandstand" of the 1980s was the place to be and be seen.

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Hosted by local radio legend Might (but humble) John Marshall, these chem-free dances were all the rage and gave local teens a place to go to socialize and dance to the popular music of the time.

In 2007, when the old Holiday Inn complex which housed the Bounty Tavern was torn down so that the Hollywood Casino could be built in its place, a fun piece of Bangor's nightlife was lost to history...or so we thought.

That is, until we found these gems on the internet, and knew we had to share.

While many folks featured in these videos are now old enough to have kids this age, or even grandkids at this point, we hope you have as much fun scoping out some familiar faces (not to mention some epic dance moves) that make appearances in these 3 'Bounty Bandstand' videos from 1984 & 1985.

Our first offering stars students from Lee Academy! Check this gem out.

You may recognize a former Red Riot or two from Orono High School in this episode from 1985.

And then there's this one, also from 1985, featuring the Dexter High School Tigers!

While these folks may have grown up before the time of cell phones and social media, we're grateful these memories were caught on camera, if only for the fantastic example of the form and fashion the 1980s provided us.

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