The pandemic has not made it easy for local businesses to thrive and one local restaurant in Belfast is looking ahead for the future of its business to the next owners-to-be.

The innovative Perennial Cider Bar + Farm Kitchen out of Belfast put up information on Facebook and on their website on Thursday of setting their sights on looking for the next owner for their Main Street restaurant.

The post on social media and on the website

On the restaurant's Facebook page, the Chef & Curator, Khris Hogg reached out to followers by relaying their plans moving forward, which would involve letting go of their space but also being open to passing along the opportunity to somebody else.

Chef Hogg starts the message by describing plans for the new year by stating "... as we look ahead at 2022, I’ve decided to begin looking for someone with fresh energy to carry Perennial into its next phase, or to take over our lovely turn-key space with another concept."

A little backstory about the biz

The concept behind the restaurant is more than just serving food at a restaurant and more encompassing as a lifestyle- from farm to table, quite literally. The location focused on ciders but also wanted to educate and thrive in the 360 experience of growing the ingredients brought to the patrons and students.

A decision to stop the business

It seems the pandemic has been difficult to traverse for this establishment, as it has for any establishment: "The decision is partly a business decision—we’ve been hit extremely hard by staffing shortages over the past year and the real arrival of COVID in Maine this past fall...". But, the decision was also personal: "... my wife and I are excited to welcome another little one into our family in the spring, and after a few years of juggling farm, family, and restaurant—with a lot of the restaurant time being worked alone-- I simply need to consolidate and recharge."

A turn-key establishment opportunity

The same message was published on the website and included the benefits of taking over the space, including a fully furnished and equipped space that is turnkey for a future bar, cafe, or restaurant. While the restaurant is willing to pass along their name and business venture to interested parties, they do recognize the specialty involved. With that, the restaurant owners state, "we welcome interest and offers for the turn-key space as a space for your own concept. to be extra clear: you do not need to want to run a cider bar in order to take over the space."

While interested buyers may have ideas of their own based on their own experience and expertise and would be nice to see this restaurant continue as the innovative space it once was.

For those interested in finding out more about the prospect of taking over the business or taking on the space, check out the Perennial Cider Bar + Farm Kitchen website.


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