It's that time of year when we start making the rounds at cookouts, or traveling a little ways down the highway or whatnot, so we wanted you to finish this sentence: The best meal I ever had was....

JStew: Man... This is a tall order. I've eaten at some of the finest restaurants in the U.S. I have friends that have won Chopped. I've eaten at The Lost Kitchen. The list goes on. But hands down, no matter where I've been or where I've eaten, the finest meals I've ever had were always cooked by my mom. Not just because she's my mom either. She is simply the best cook I know. I would put my mom's cooking up against all the chefs I just mentioned. It doesn't matter what she makes. Wanna know the reason? She's patient. She let's the food take whatever time it needs. I'm a line cook at heart, so I want everything done yesterday. With my mom, slow and steady wins the race every time. The saddest day in my life will be when I can never have my mom's food again.

Cori: My friend Stu (not JStew, but another Stu I used to work with) once invited me to his house to have dinner with he and his wife. It was very simple. All he did was grill up some steak. I have no idea what he did to the steak to prepare it or season it of if there was a certain way he cooked it...but man, if that wasn't the best dang steak I've ever had in my life! It was probably 20 years ago, but the thought of that steak still makes me drool! The other best meal I can remember happened in Charleston, South Carolina. This fabulous man from Northern Italy, who ran a Gelato stand downtown and was a huge fan of the radio station I used to work for down there invited us all over to his house for a late-night dinner once. I think it started at 10PM. He made some ridiculously delicious pasta dish, and had the best wine (and I'm not usually a fan of wine!) I was there with all my co-workers, relaxing and hanging out in this picturesque house, eating this amazing meal, late into the night. It was awesome.

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There's lots of yummy things in here. Glad we could all make each other hungry today, haha.

Danielle Willey Anything my mommy cooks because I’m a bad cook and I usually eat take out, so home cooked food is the best. So the best meals are whenever I go to my mommy’s house and I get to hang out with her, so that’s pretty awesome too.

Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick A taco served between two grilled cheese sandwiches as the shell with fries and a milkshake. From a restaurant in St Louis called Hi-point.

Hunter Tracy My very first meal on my very first trip to New Orleans was a crawfish pie from a place called Tee Eva's. I was hooked on NOLA ever since.

Nixie Kemas Nigerian Ofada rice and stew(we call it sauce). Best rice type ever! Full of protein and fibre

Chinonye 'cinny' Anumaka @Nixie Kemas Ha the spiciest! I agree

Mary K. Drew In an Italian restaurant in Greenwich. We were celebrating the baptism of my cousin’s baby daughter. It was a memorable meal.

Michelle Haslam Plaisted My moms lasagna

Furrøw Wøød That's a tough One! And Im not talking about My Womans cooking

Angela Faulkner Mom's Thanksgiving dinner. The mashed potatoes and homemade stuffing are to die for.

Amanda E. Gleason … cold fried chicken that a friend made for me and put in a cooler me for a road trip.

Josh Whinery Chicken Teriyaki - Sarku Japan, Maine Mall. Double chicken, extra sauce.

Kris Currier Made by J. Stew.

Melissa Avery Burns Risotto with scallops and lobster....

Kip Nelson Salamingundy with Blackbeard on board his Queen Anne’s Revenge

Craig Florey Lasagna and lemon meringue pie with Graham cracker crust.

Soubanh Phanthay Shared with good company.

Codi Slike Eremita Swedish meatballs in Sweden! Or Kalua Pork Nachos at the restaurant in Hawaii with the red umbrellas they showed a lot in Hawaii Five-0!

Gene Hatch It’s not the food that makes my favorite meal. Its who I’m eating with...There was a big piece of fish I had at brewing company in bar harbor. Great weather, great company, great beer and great food.

William Siemerling Jr Besides my mother's cooking, pistachio pizza in Naples, Italy.

Bobbie Lindsey Kalua Pork Hash and eggs for Breakfast at World Famous in San Diego. I have actually flown to San Diego from Maine just for breakfast at World Famous.

Kari Jo Davis I like a nice rare steak, I'm pretty easy to please, usually, Texas roadhouse, the ground round, and occasionally, Applebee's gets it right.

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