Marijuana is quickly becoming a cottage industry in Maine now that is has achieved legal status.  And many Mainers are using it to control a variety of medical maladies while others see the incredible business potential as other states consider legislation. In recent months I have talked to some of these folks and what I have learned is that there is a lot to know about cultivating these plants and they vary in strength and character to amazing amounts.Because there is so much to learn for the past few years now NACANN has been sponsoring the Cannabis Convention in Portland to help bring those who wish to create a business as well as those who casually grow up to speed in the best techniques.

During the event there will be live demonstrations and educational presentations. Participants can learn about growing, trimming, extracting, storing, pressing and more. Also is pursuing cannabis for resale, sessions will also be held that focus on technology, funding and sustained economic growth.

The Maine Cannabis Convention takes place October 6th and 7th at the Portland Sports Complex, learn more at

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