Things got a little scary for the crew of the Variant way off the coast of Roque Bluffs yesterday.

Coast Guard crews from both Jonesport and Southwest Harbor responded Wednesday morning around 9:50, when they received an emergency call that the 48-foot motor vessel Variant about 30 miles south of Englishman Bay was taking on water and the boat's pumps could not keep of with it.  The distressed boat had three people aboard.

By the time the Coast Guard's 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crews arrived, two fishing boats and their crews that had been in the area were assisting.

“The fishing vessels Outnumbered and Rattlesnake deployed a pump to remove the water,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Mike Miller, the coxswain of Southwest Harbor’s Motor Lifeboat. “They pumped about 50 gallons a minute for about an hour.”

Miller said the captain of the Rattlesnake got aboard to help with the pumps and assess the engine problem that was causing the flooding. He along with the captain of Variant was able to eventually locate the cause of the flooding, and stop it by securing the damaged engine, added Miller.

The Variant was actually able to continue on it's voyage to Nova Scotia.

“In many of the cases we respond to, good Sams are the first on scene and provide valuable experience that has been handed down for generations, especially here in Maine,” said Miller. “We are lucky to have those resources at the ready.”

Mainers, they'll come to your aid every time!  Good work everyone!


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