The Common Ground Fair starts on Friday and we are excited to see the success of running everything off solar power.

We visited the fair last year and had a great conversations with some of the representatives there from the University and Cooperative Extension about their solar power collecting set up. So how thrilled are we to see them take it to the next level and provide the power for the entire event using solar power.

As reported by the BDN, fair director April Bouchers confirmed that they had installed large solar panels on five of their barn roofs located on the grounds last Spring and she added that they feel they have banked enough power to keep the lights on for this year’s Common Ground Fair.

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association’s 41st annual Common Ground Fair will begin on Friday in Unity. This year will feature all your favorite attractions. MOGFA promises huge varieties of local artisans and crafters. And as always the fair will host a number of informative and fun agricultural demonstrations.

Click here for the complete schedule. And click here for directions to Unity. Remember you can ride the train in from many lots and locations.

A few things that kind of peak our interest and sound like fun this year are also:

  • The Log scooting contest
  • Goats as therapy animals
  • Organic Beekeeping
  • Edible Landscaping
  • The 100% solar house and more

Here is a peak at last year's event.

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