The story starts with a woman on her way to work. And one of the tires on her car blows out.

She pulls into the nearest parking lot, and that was A&G Shooting on Center Road in Fairfield.  That was a good choice.

You’ll know why in a minute.

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The woman was not as concerned with the blown tire as she was about getting to work. And getting to work on time. Her thought was she’ll deal with the car and the now useless tire later. She didn’t have a spare tire and it was raining. Work was job number one.

A customer at A&G Shooting offered to drive her to her job if she didn’t mind getting into a stranger’s car.

Off they went after she left her contact information with an employee at A&G.

The employee called the boss, who was at a dentist appointment. The boss is the owner of A&G, Adam Henbsbee.

Adam said

The employee told me to bring back a jack with him so they could get the old tire off the ladies’ car

The woman had gone onto work, and Adam told me she’d had a run of back luck, and getting a new tire was not in her budget.

So Adam and the 3 employees decided to perform the random act of kindness.  They determined that the other tire on the other side of the car was bald too and probably unsafe.

They decided to call around and get prices for 2 new tires for the woman, and also decided that they would pay for the pair of tires as a goodwill gesture.

They called various tire places and decided on Tire Warehouse. They had the correct tires in stock and they could get them mounted the quickest.

Ready for the next Random Act of Kindness.

Adam went to the Tire Warehouse, on Rideout Street in Waterville, and as the mounting of the new tires on the rims is being done, he is chatting with the manager of Tire Warehouse, telling him the story of her determination to above and beyond all else still get to work and on time.

The tires are mounted, and they are ready to go. Adam from A&G goes to pay the bill and the bill was less than half of what was quoted.

The Tire Warehouse manager performed the random act of kindness by reducing the bill saying he was happy to help someone in need to have a nicer day.

Many things happening at once. The owner and employees at A&G collected the money so the tires wouldn’t cost anything for the ‘determined to get to work’ woman. The manager at Tire Warehouse knocked off what he could of the bill. The A&G customer drove the woman to work.

It is great to hear stories like this and to share them.

Not only is it a breath of fresh air to hear of good people doing good deeds, but it is amazing how many people are affected.

So many people’s day gets made when things like this occur.

Thank you to all involved, including the woman who benefited from the kindness.  You can bet she’s spreading good cheer to all too.

And you are invited to share your personal stories of good news with us on The Q106.5 Morning show for our feature every morning at 7:20 – Good News. That is how we heard about this story, by listeners sharing the good news with us.

Here is the audio from this story from Tuesday morning.

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