Remember the time Dave picked on Bangor for almost a whole month? Well if you don't, check this out!

As a young kid, I was absolutely obsessed with Late Nite with David Letterman. In fact, I used to sneak downstairs at my parents house around 12:30 on school nights to watch the show. As you can imagine, I overslept and was late for school many, many days, but I can tell you it was worth it, because even though it is hard to imagine now, Dave was the epitome of cutting edge TV at that time. Eventually when my family got a VCR, I would tape it and watch it the next day, but when he had a guest on that I loved, I just HAD to see it when it aired.

Waaaaay back in October of 1987, Dave found out that WLBZ Channel 2 in Bangor, had the lowest ratings of any of the other stations that carried the show in the entire United States. With this information at his disposal, Dave set out to rectify the situation.

First of all, Dave starts out his plea by calling it "Ban-ger" which we all know is a common mistake that people make. Anyway, he then starts a campaign to get viewers to watch his show by picking up that old antiquated relic, known as the phone book, where he proceeds to pick random names and shouts out Bangor residents.

If you know anyone from the area with the last name, Dotty, Patterson, Pelletier, Smith, or Nickerson, you really should check the video out.

A YouTuber named Don Giller, somehow, someway, managed to piece all of Dave's segments about Bangor together for all of us to enjoy. Letterman did bits on The Queen City on September 29th, 30th, October 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, and 13th!

You know you're from Bangor when ...

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