One-in-a-million.  That's your chance of catching a rare white albino lobster, and a fisherman from Deer Isle recently pulled off the unthinkable.

Nope, you don't see many of these out there.  A white lobster standing out in a sea of green.

Bennett Gray recently posted photos of his extremely rare catch to Facebook and it truly is a sight of beauty, something that we may never see again. Over the years we've seen photos of blue, yellow and even calico colored lobsters caught in the waters off downeast Maine, but a white albino lobster is the rarest of all, according to the University of Maine Lobster Institute.

Caught this beauty in the very first trap of the day.

Posted by Bennett Gray on Monday, October 26, 2020

The only other evidence of a white lobster being caught that we could find happened off the coast of Yorkshire, England, back in December of last year.

The odds of finding an albino lobster are one in 100 million lobsters. Yet, people do find them. A genetic condition called leucism, which is the partial loss of pigmentation, causes the white appearance," according to someone from the University of Maine Lobster Institute and quoted in an article at

Responding to the comments left behind on his Facebook post, Mr. Bennett said that he'll notch her tail and then release the lobster back into the waters. In doing so, this will signify to other commercial fisherman that it's an egg bearing lobster which will protect it, until she sheds out of her shell enough times for the well defined notch to disappear.

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