Not too bad... So far.

I'm actually surprised the race for the Blaine House hasn't been more of a hot button issue for us Mainers. I sort of assumed it'd be like a mini 2020 election with all the mud-slinging and the bull crap and the endless campaigning. But so far, it's been relatively tame. Although, I assume it'll ramp up any second.

I feel like road signs haven't even been too bad yet. But as they have begun to pop up, I find myself being more annoyed by them. Not because of their individual message, but it's the same feeling I get when I'm driving down some road, and see a road construction sign, warning me that I'll definitely need to stop. Always a joy to see.

I get a dull headache from now til election day.

For instance, both candidates for governor, Mills and LePage, just agreed to a bunch of debates. Already, I can point out two articles with differing numbers on how many. One says five, the other says four... Do you even really care? I don't. Literally everyone in Maine knows who they're going to vote for. And if you say otherwise, you're a liar. Go ahead, read that again.

There could literally be one announcement of who's running, and everyone would have their decision instantly. We don't live in a world of vague politics anymore. It literally doesn't matter which side you're on. You're either in, or you're out.

This is why I'll always vote, but I just vote for what I believe. Sometimes it's left, sometimes it's right, but believe me... I 1000% times ten, hate politics. I don't care what your political flavor is, I hate it all. I hate the color blue, and you'll never catch me wearing red. Purple is ok, but I see it all as black and white.

Politics is politics. Don't believe the hype.

Now here's a debate we all actually should care about...

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