This year marks a milestone in my family. My last little one leaves home for kindergarten. That means, for the first time in about a decade, I will have four kids in school at the same time.

The gang

As someone who started off as a homeschooling mom, and only transitioned to brick-and-mortar schools when my husband left years ago, I had "first day of school" traditions, but the kids were still technically with me.

Homeschooling, Cori Skall

This year, while we will continue those traditions, it will feel strange to not have at least one of them home with me. But that's life, right?

The start...Cori Skall

So back to those traditions...

Like many families across the nation, our family has a few back-to-school traditions.

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The first, for us, actually happens the day before school starts...the last day of vacation.

Last day of summer vaca 2019

We ALWAYS end summer vacation with a trip to a local ice cream shop.

Last day of summer vaca 2021

It's a fun way to acknowledge that a transition is coming, and end the summer season on a high note!

The second thing our family does is to take those "First Day Of School" pictures.

First Day of Pre-K 2020

Sometimes the facial expressions are a little less excited about school than ice cream...

Back to School 2019

But we get to capture those bright-eyed, fresh faced photos...before everyone gets tired from the mad dash that is school!

Back to school 2020, Cori Skall

And in some cases, it's a great way to document just how much they've grown over the summer!

Back to School 2020

And speaking of measuring growth...

Back to school height chart, Cori Skall

The other back-to-school tradition I do with my kids...and we've been doing it every year since they started...

N gets measured, Cori Skall

...Each kid gets measured on the first day of school (and usually the last day of school, too.)

M gets measured, Cori Skall
Height chart close up, Cori Skall
B gets measured, Cori Skall
Markings on the wall, Cori Skall

Sometimes we even measure bunnies!

Bunny gets measured, Cori Skall

Those are the three big "Back to school" traditions we have at my house. How about you? What traditions do you have with your kids when it comes to "Back to school" time?

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