O.K. perhaps stupid is a bit harsh. And to be fair the last three times I went to Boston we used Google GPS and it was amazing.  Now here is the rub.  I can tell you for myself and others I know if I am not driving when we travel I most likely can not drive back again without looking at a map. I have always blamed inattention of a passenger to the finer detail to where turns are made and subsequently looking around in general instead of paying strict attention to where you are going. So what does this have to do with using a GPS? Well I am thinking in a way it is still doing quite a lot of the attention paying for you and unintentionally messing with our minds. Scientists say that research is urgently needed into the long-term consequences of relying on gadgets rather than our brains.

Studies on GPS use have found that while they helped us on our journey, they affected memory. The drivers remembered less about what they have seen along the way – and struggled to retrace the route when asked to drive it again without the aid of the GPS.

So there you have it.  Look it up, write it down and perhaps go to the GPS if you get lost. We need to keep our brains. I'm pretty sure we'll need them.

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