We've share lots of photos of humans enjoying the summer time in Bangor and we could leave out our furry friends! 

These dogs have found a dog park friendship.

This pup loves the small pond in the Bangor City Forest!

Rawr! Throw it again, Mom!! #dogsofinstagram #labsofinstagram #yellowlab

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This dog gazes at the beauty of the Penobscot River

Asa surveys the Penobscot at high tide.

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The Bangor trails aren't just for humans!

Oh the dog days of summer...

puppy picnic

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This huge dog enjoyed the Bangor Color Run!

This dog was the real celebrity today #colorbangor

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This pup had to check out Stephen King's house of course!

This dog may be small, but he is brave to sit for a photo infront of the possible haunted Thomas Hill Stanpipe.

This dog waits for a partner to play ball in Broadway Park.

A dog and his ball

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A dog who appreciates the recent clean up efforts on the Kenduskeag Stream Trail.

It's a beautiful day for a walk on the #kenduskeagtrail! #downtownbangor #kenduskeagstream

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