The eagles in Bangor proper have been such a joy for residents to watch as they soar overhead and care for their young. Therefore, the loss of "Mom Bangor" last week broke the hearts of many of us, but even more so the people who live in that area along the Kenduskeag Stream.

Listener John Ellis of Bangor called after seeing the story to tell us how the male has been sitting alone and calling continuously. It was just making him so sad in light of the recent passing of "Mom Bangor," who died of acute lead poisoning, according to officials at Avian Haven, the bird rehabilitation facility that cared for her after she was found clinging to life along the banks of the stream.

Many Kenduskeg stream area residents had felt the same way, so you can imagine neighbor Lisa Allen's joy -- and that of the many other eagle watchers in the area -- to see him joined by another eagle. Of course we don't know if this is just company or a potential mate -- or even two different eagles altogether -- but thanks to Lisa who wrote upon seeing the new addition:

I've been SO sad that Momma Bangor passed away. I loved to watch for her on my daily commute. Much to my surprise, today it appears we have another pair that have moved in! Or perhaps it is her former Beau and his new lady???

With Lisa's permission here's a photo of the pair.

Courtesy Lisa Allen

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