WATCH: Lone Airtanker Salutes Mainer Lost In Battle 77 Years Ago
A fitting tribute to a warrior lost at sea.
Second Lieutenant Ernest N. Vienneau of the U.S. Army was only 25 years old when he was shot down in battle on November 6th, 1944. In the days of World War II the young Mainer was fighting for the world's freedom some 3,800 miles away from his hometown of M…
With A Spring In Her Step, Gracie Needs A Forever Home
Golden-eyed Gracie is a lovely little black kitty with a white diamond on her chest and a purr that serenades you like your favorite song.
Life hasn’t always been easy for 10-year-old Gracie - she came to the shelter in critical condition and showed signs of being in kidney failure Recently, however,…

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