Easter, the National Retail Federation says it is the second biggest holiday in America for spending to a staggering total expected of18.4 billion. Now that's a lot of artificial grass. Well, ok it also accounts for flowers, outfits, gifts, meals and decorations. I can still remember getting all gussied up with frilly dresses and little white gloves. Hunting chocolate eggs, and dying hard boiled ones. And of course no Easter celebration would be complete without the chocolate bunny.  I can still remember biting into my first one and being a little disappointed it was hollow. But hey, it was still chocolate. Now I'd always start with ears, brother Dan would go for those lucky feet and brother David the tail.

In a recent poll they said I am the most normal of my siblings(and you heard it here first) With  89% of folks biting the ears first, then 6% feet and 5% tail. So how do you roll on Easter?

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