Seriously...What would you do if you saw a bear?

Have you ever really seriously considered what you would actually do if you were confronted with a real-life black bear? I honestly haven't. Although out where I live, it's probably something I should consider a bit more. Our neighbors have caught bears on their game cams before, and some have looked incredibly large and menacing.

Now... imagine the same scenario for just a second, but the thrill of seeing that very large and intimidating bear inside your house. Would you freak out? Would you be brave? Would you call the cops?! Earlier this week, a woman in Eliot did all these things without even batting an eyelash.

Wait a minute. A black bear inside the house?!

According to USA Today, this woman was dog sitting for her son, and when she stopped in Tuesday evening to feed Fido, she saw a huge black bear at the top of the stairs. She flew right back out the door and called 911 to report the bear, and to try and safely retrieve the dog from the house.

But after a bit closer inspection, it was discovered this big, giant black bear... was actually a stuffed, real black bear that her son had just gotten back from the taxidermist, as her son is an avid hunter. Why he was storing it at the top of the stairs is a question I'm sure we'd all love the answer to. Maybe he wanted to scare his mom for fun?!

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