The National Weather Service is now calling the impending storm a Blizzard.  With that in mind and power outages a distinct possibility Emera is encouraging everyone to stock up on certain items in preparation.

Emera says:

Emera Maine’s storm response team is keeping a watchful eye to the sky as a winter storm affecting much of the eastern United States heads north, likely bringing with it strong wind gusts along the coast and snowfall across much of Maine. The storm is expected to move into Emera Maine’s service territory on Thursday afternoon and last into early Friday morning.

“Our biggest concern with this storm is the extreme cold,” said Tim Pease, Storm Manager. “While we are preparing to respond to any outages safely and quickly, we encourage customers to monitor the forecast and take necessary precautions to stay warm and safe.”

Preparations include evaluating staffing needs both in the field and in the Customer Contact Center, fueling up trucks, snow sleds and ATVs, stocking up on storm kits and other supplies for field crews, and more. Emera Maine also will stage crews before the storm in case of difficult travel conditions within areas we anticipate will be hardest hit.


They also add that you can do your part in preparedness by:

Be Prepared for an Outage - Emera Maine

  • Keep flashlights with fresh batteries for all home occupants.
  • Keep a battery-operated radio with fresh batteries handy.
  • If you are not connected to a public water supply, make sure you have a supply of clean water available.
  • Keep some easy-to-make nonperishable food items in your home.
  • If you have a secondary heating system that is not dependent upon electricity, make sure it is in good working order with an adequate fuel supply.

Emera also offer these links for additional ideas and information., then click on “Outages & Restoration” and “Be Prepared”.

Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

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