In a city of craft beer, this distillery is making some damn good whiskey!

Esquire put their taste buds to the test in a search for the best hooch in each state. Portland has become a popular destination for lovers of craft suds, but it's not all beer brewing in the big city.

Founded in 2012, Maine Craft Distilling in Portland represents Maine on Esquire's nationwide list. A single malt whiskey named Fifty Stone impressed the judges most. The name Fifty Stone stems from an old unit of measurement in the distilling world; '50 stones of barley makes one barrel of whiskey.'

According to Maine Craft Distilling, Fifty Stone is aged in handmade oak barrels. It's made with floor-malted Maine-grown barley, and smoked with Maine peat and seaweed.

By our best count, Maine is currently home to 11 distilleries.

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