** Spoiler Alert**

I think we have all heard over the years that some of the history we are taught in schools is a bit slanted, shall we say, to make us kind of seem nice and look good. No harm no foul right? well, make that fowl and you're almost there. This quest for the truth started kind of accidentally when I happened on a  Viralnova post which pointed out Pilgrims were did not really call themselves Pilgrims, they didn't really land on Plymouth rock, didn't wear big buckles and a bunch of other stuff .  If you dare watch Thanksgiving decoded and then be glad we graduated from eel to turkey and next time to meet an indigenous person you might want to say sorry.

Heck you can't change the past plus at this point we really want to just eat and watch football anyway. So, let's ditch the buckle grab the bird and have a Happy Thanksgiving.