Like Arnold in Terminator "He'll Be Back" or at least run  in a few years was Paul LePage's sentiment in a recent interview.

The reason he says is because, and here is a shocker, he is not liking the decisions that Janet Mills is making as Governor. Given that they are opposite parties this isn't really much of a news flash.

What was interesting to see when popped this up today I thought was the generally affirmative and positive response by Facebook users.  Given the crabbing that most did while he was actually in the Governor's mansion this was a bit of a surprise to me.

In the comments one person asked if he could run again in Maine and the answer is yes.  Ballotopedia says that in Maine after a break he can run again.  Some states do have two term lifetime limits but in Maine it is two year consecutive limits, making him eligible again at the end of Governor Mills term.So I guess in 3.5 years we'll just have to see if either he or these followers feel the same.

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