The colors are a bit hard to find, but they're getting there.

Lately, I feel like the cool air has made it seem like the leaves should be farther along in the changing process than they are. To the point that it's gotten me to put the dog in the car and go cruising around out in the willy-whacks to see if there's any substantial change. I may look scary enough, but I'm a big softy on the inside.

I love to drive around and look at things. Fall foliage, Christmas lights... all that stuff. Fall is particularly nice because the leaves are always a surprise. Once they hit the peak, it's like a new view around every corner, with the leaves displaying all sorts of different colors, in all sorts of combinations.

Colors right now depend on where you are.

Even up north right now in the County, while there is a ton of bright coverage, they're still not quite at peak. In the Bangor area, there's a lot of color, but only about half coverage. Of course, along the coast in southern Maine, it's still summer as far as the leaves seem to be concerned. Pockets of color, but nothing big yet.

This foliage map from lays it out pretty plainly. And, they update this map on a pretty regular basis:

As you can see statewide, we've got a bit of a way to go. But once it starts rolling, it goes pretty quickly. It won't take long for people to start seeing the peaks wherever they are. I can't wait. The only bummer is, it doesn't last that long. It's too bad Mother Nature couldn't keep it around for a few extra weeks for us all to enjoy.

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