I feel like we've done this before...

When I was about 9 or 10 years old, that movie "The Day After" was on TV. It basically depicted the aftermath of nuclear war and the devastation it left behind. It felt a little too real for me as a kid. But this was also in the early '80s when things with Russia and the U.S. were a bit dicey.

I also remember putting the pieces together what the big yellow and black sign at my school was, and what a fallout shelter actually was. Then the sign was everywhere. You know how you never notice a particular brand of car on the road, and when you buy one and you see them everywhere? It was like that.

So, what is a fallout shelter, exactly? Great question.

It's basically defined as a building to protect people from the radioactive fallout after a nuclear bomb is detonated. 50-75 years ago, a lot of public buildings were designated public fallout shelters. Schools, churches, city buildings, etc. I saw someone on Reddit ask if there are still any public ones in Maine.

Undoubtedly curious with all that's going on over in Russia/Ukraine, I'm sure a few folks are a bit uneasy about all that's happening, and fearing the worst. Day 2 is probably a bit soon to ask such questions...

It must be a legit business here in Maine, because a quick Google search showed there are at least a few companies around the state that will build you an underground bunker.

But someone in the same thread claimed to have some expertise in the matter and basically implied that proper government-built public shelters don't really exist anymore, and the ones in public buildings won't protect you from a blast, just the fallout.

However, some people take it preeeeetty seriously.

For real. It must be a legit business here in Maine because a quick Google search showed there are at least a few companies around the state that will build you an underground bunker. It makes you wonder how many bunkers there must be around Maine if there are multiple companies specializing in bunkers.

Here's the thing... it's obviously a crazy time right now, which is pretty bold to say considering what the last couple of years have been like. But, let's just all stay positive and hope for the best. There's not much more any of us can do than that. But, this is surely no time to quit eating bacon. Enjoy that fatty goodness.


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