Frankie says that we'll need five cases of Coke along with 5 cases of Pepsi as well to get through this one. Not only will we be buried alive by all the snow, but evidently we'll also be diabetic by the time it pulls out of here.

Frankie MacDonald, our favorite Canadian meteorologist, gives stern warning of a massive storm heading for Bangor and to not wait to take certain precautions like recharging your cell phone's battery.


Oh, and make sure that your furnace is on, our ace meteorologist instructs us.

The National Weather Service has posted a Winter Storm Warning that begins tonight and will stay in effect throughout Tuesday.  Bangor could see up to 10 inches of snow, an accumulation of ice and winds gusting up to 45 mph, so as Frankie tells us from the shoreline somewhere in Nova Scotia, "have your snow shovels ready."

Now anyone that has seen Frankie MacDonald's storm forecasts in the past will know that tomorrow's storm can't be all that threatening in size and ferocity.  Why?  For the simple reason that this time Frankie did not tell us all to order Chinese food.

When Frankie brings up Chinese food, it's time to head down into the bunker and not look back.

So as it stands right now, it looks like us Mainers will all survive to see another day, or another winter storm for that matter.  Thanks, Frankie!

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