A piano is the only instrument that's more inconvenient than drums.

I mean, I suppose that point is up for debate, but it sure feels like it. At least with a drum set, you can break it down into smaller pieces and travel with it. A grand piano? Not so much. Even if you could make it smaller, they weigh a gagillion pounds. I should know, I had to move one last fall.


Pianos are surprisingly easy to come by, several can even be had for free. If you went to Craigslist right now, you could easily find more than one free piano. Mostly because they're huge, heavy, and hard to move. So most people would rather give it away than have to deal with moving it. So what do you do if you don't own one, but want to play a real one?

You check one out of the library, of course!

It's not as far fetched as it sounds. In a recent post on the Bangor Public Library Facebook page, the BPL let folks know that they have a gorgeous grand piano just hanging out, waiting to be played. Best of all, there's absolutely no catch. You just show up and play. Well, kind of no catch.

While you don't have to make a reservation to play the piano, the library does suggest that you give them a buzz to make sure it's available to use. But other than that, plink away! The only other catch is that they limit it to one hour per person. But still, it's not every day there's an available grand piano to simply practice on.

Whether you're a beginner or advanced doesn't seem to matter in any capacity. You just need a love of music. But I'll tell you, if all you've done is tickle the plastic ivories on some cheap-o electronic keyboard, this will knock your socks off. Go check it out...

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