Because it just wouldn't be a new 'Game of Thrones' season without some controversial nudity, it seems that production of season 5 may have hit something of a snag with the Croatian church. Bewaring potential spoilers of a major book scene, find out what 'Game of Thrones' star may be forced to cover up for an impending outdoor nude scene!

[SPOILERS: The below article contains spoilers from 'Game of Thrones' season 5, as well as George R.R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series.]

Ah, the magic of clickbait. And while it's no "DARYL DIXON IS GAY," it seems 'Game of Thrones' star Lena Headey may not be allowed to strip down for an upcoming season 5 scene, per order of the Croatian Church of St. Nicholas. You see, readers of George R.R. Martin's novels will recognize what would put Cersei Lannister nude in the streets for the upcoming season, but it seems the local film commission of Dubrovnik wouldn't grant producers permission to film the scene, as the church from which they take their cues "has a lot of power and a rigid policy against public displays of sexuality."

Per TMZ, writers understandably won't cut the scene, given its crucial importance to Cersei's story, and position as one of the more iconic moments from the book. Of course, given the incredibly layered effects work involved in bringing other moments from the world of Westeros to life, it isn't terribly difficult to imagine how easily Headey and producers might otherwise bring the scene to life without violating the church's conditions, but for now "producers haven't figured out a workaround."

While we wait for ‘Game of Thrones’ season 5, we at least know of a multitude of other new characters cast, including those that confirm we’ll be visiting the oft-mentioned kingdom of Dorne, for which Spain location shoots will double. We’ll also meet fewer new characters in season 5 than in prior years, as the next cycle will prove to be something of a midpoint for the series’ run. As expected, the story will draw heavily from George R.R. Martin‘s fourth and fifth novels, ‘A Feast for Crows’ and ‘A Dance with Dragons,' while HBO has also provided a list of directors.

On the one hand, we can understand why a church might take issue with the filming of public nudity, though what seems especially odd is that the scene needn't necessarily be filmed with Headey actually nude, nor should the audience necessarily need to see every last detail of the actress' body for the nature of the scene to ring true. 'Game of Thrones' has always had a certain inequity, both in nudity and its treatment of gender, and we can imagine that the scene would likely have inspired a great deal of dissection already, before any controversy in production.

What do you think? Would the alteration or omission of a pivotal nude scene from the books at all affect the quality of 'Game of Thrones' season 5?

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