How much do you tip at a restaurant? We have always been under the impression that proper patron etiquette is 15% for breakfast and lunch and 20% for dinner service. And given that Maine has some of the lowest paid server population it always seemed fitting.

Only now do we find out that the rule of thumb of tipping is quite different in the rest of the country and Mainers re actually some of the most generous people in the country. Aw, shucks.

T Sheets put out by Quickbooks, has compiled a list of the very best and worst places in the US for tipping. It is also interesting to see how different the pay structure is for servers from place to place

So how please were we to see that Maine tops the list for best tipping.  Still not quite the 20% we were taught here since as long as we can remember but pretty darn close at 19.36%. Still it is a bit of a bummer to see how little our servers make hourly compared to other states so we’re not sure at the end of the day they are rolling in dough.

Still there are places where servers make just over 2 buck an hour and by those standards Maine is better.  Check out the full report here.  It is an interesting read.

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