Dhani Harrison, son of the late George Harrison, will release his first-ever solo album this fall.

Titled IN///PARALLEL, the LP follows several releases with thenewno2 group alongside Oliver Hicks, film and TV work and a series of projects related to his father. Due on Oct. 6, IN///PARALLEL will include 10 new songs – including the advance single "All About Waiting," which you can listen to above. You can see a complete track listing for the album below.

The album represents the culmination of a creative impulse far removed from Harrison's first career as a car designer at McLaren Automotive, where he worked after graduating from Brown University with a degree in industrial design and physics. A period spent with Jeff Lynne completing George Harrison's final, posthumous release, 2002's Grammy-winning Brainwashed, finally convinced Dhani to go into the family business. All that was left to do was win over the critics – an exacting process that Harrison never understood.

"If you are a family butcher, serving customers since 1870, no one goes, 'Oh, I’m not sure if their steak is as good as their dad's,'" Dhani told the Telegraph. "In almost any profession, even if you’re the kid of an actor, people are very supportive and want to see the next generation. It’s like, 'Go Michael Douglas! Have a great career!' But in music, for some reason, people tend to be very skeptical. It’s funny, because music is one of those things it is natural to go into. You hear it so much growing up, it kind of permeates you and eventually you spew out some music of your own."

A press release for the album notes that IN///PARALLEL echoes "his influences over the past few years as a composer." Harrison's last album with thenewno2 was the score to 2013's Beautiful Creatures; he was also part of Fistful of Mercy with Ben Harper. More recently, Dhani inducted Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and took part in UNKLE's new album, The Road: Part 1. There has also been some talk about a project to complete more of his dad's songs, but no time frame has been set.

George Harrison wrote "Soft Touch" from his 1979 self-titled album and "Unknown Delight" from 1982's Gone Troppo for Dhani.

Dhani Harrison, 'IN///PARALLEL' Track Listing
"Never Know"
"Ulfur Resurrection"
"Downtown Tigers"
"London Water"
"Summertime Police"
"Poseidon (Keep Me Safe)"
"The Light Under the Door"
"All About Waiting"
"Admiral of Upside Down"

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