One local Bangor restaurant wants to make sure local kids have what they need to keep their hands warm this coming winter.

Hero's Sports Grill & Entertainment Center has revised a plan to get people to donate gloves and mittens in exchange for a possible pizza party!

Hero's co-owner, Christina Bush Paradis, says they were looking for a way to help local families, and this seemed to, pardon the pun, fit "like a glove!"

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"So, we decided to do a mitten/glove drive as the winter gets cooler and we know that money is tight all around for so many families."

The concept, Paradis says, is pretty simple: there's a donation box right at the restaurant, where folks can drop off new, or very gently used mittens or gloves.

Hero's Mitten Drive, Hero's Sports Grill & Entertainment Center
Hero's Mitten Drive, Hero's Sports Grill & Entertainment Center

"After our collection, we will be reaching out to area schools to see if they need mittens to keep on hand for students or if they have students in need and we will then reach out to area groups that work with families to ensure all of them go to good use! We thought it would be fun to tie in a challenge that would lead to a special night for customers."

They do have a specific goal in mind that they'd like to reach.


"When/If we hit 100 pairs donated we will host an $18 Pizza and Wing night for old times sake, even though the price is a little higher than in the past. The $18 will get you a large 1-topping pizza and 10 bone-in wings (the date of pizza night is to be determined and will be announced when we hit 100)."

Paradis says this is but one way the restaurant hopes to help this year, and they have plans, in the near future, for some other events.

Three young boys take pride in completing a big shoveling job

"This is just one way we felt we could give back to the community and will be working on more in the coming months."

For more information, you can reach out to the Management at Hero's through their Facebook page or website.

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