A coon hound that fled from the scene of a traffic crash has been found, safe and sound.

Why Did Whiskey Go Missing?

Whiskey was one of several dogs that were being transported in a carrier on the back of a pickup last week by a man from West Virginia. William Funkhouser fell asleep at the wheel and his pickup sideswiped a tractor-trailer before rolling over several times on the turnpike in Ogunquit. Incredibly, only one of the dogs perished in the crash and all but one, Whiskey, was recovered, although some had also fled the scene. The driver wasn't hurt but his passenger, Jonah Hose, also of West Virginia, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Where Was Whiskey Found?

Police circulated a picture of Whiskey to the media and asked the public for help locating the missing hunting dog. On Saturday evening, the Augusta Regional Communications Center got two calls from motorists who said they had seen what appeared to be a dog resembling Whiskey around mile marker 11 northbound on I-95, in the town of York. Maine State Police Trooper Matthew Williams responded and began to look for any sign of the dog. Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss says Williams shined his flashlight around the area and, eventually, spotted a pair of eyes shining in the beam. Whiskey howled at him.

What Condition Was He In When the Trooper Located Him?

Trooper Williams talked about the moments when he found the wayward dog, who had been missing for several days.

Whiskey could barely stand up when he was found. Fortunately, he made himself visible enough for passing traffic to notice him, then made his way back into the woods.

Trooper Williams says he was at the bottom of an embankment, with a guardrail along the highway. If he hadn't walked out near traffic, he may never have been found. It was sheer luck that the Trooper's beam caught Whiskey's eyes, but it likely saved his life.

Trooper Williams had brought a piece of chicken along, to win Whiskey's trust, and it worked. It also gave him enough energy to get back up over the embankment to Williams' cruiser.

He then finished off my dinner, two chicken breasts and a cheese stick, and drank nearly 2 liters of water.

Williams says that was the last time Whiskey walked that night. After that, the Trooper carried him to the cruiser, where he could lay down in safety. Whiskey got checked out by a vet and was then turned over to Animal Control, where he'll stay until his owner can pick him up.

Trooper Williams wanted to remind people that there is still a person who was seriously injured in this crash. He says he hopes prayers and support for Mr. Hose keep coming for him.

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