Maine DeadHeads will be given the chance to bid the Grateful Dead a proper 'Fare Thee Well.'

It's the final gig for Billy, Bobby, Mickey and Phil. The long strange trip officially ends next month in Chicago. The surviving members of the Grateful Dead are saying their final goodbyes at Soldier Field, July 3rd through 5th. Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, pianist Bruce Hornsby and keyboardist Jeff Chimenti will preform alongside the group.

Tickets to the show are now long gone. However, the shows will be available for streaming online. You may have a badass surround sound system at home or killer headphones to take in the sounds; but nothing beats this event.

Portland's State Theatre will present all three 'Fare Thee Well' shows high-definition and full-concert-sound. Tickets are $10 per-show, or $25 for all three screenings.