Funny, you'd think that Hot Fudge Sundae would fall on a Sunday, but I think we can celebrate on a Tuesday, don't you?

I am a huge fan of really hot fudge sundaes. What do I mean by real? Well, I mean that it has to be real HOT Fudge.

Don't offer me a hot fudge sundae and then show up with chocolate syrup on my ice cream. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat it, but I won't be happy. Real hot fudge is thick and fuggy and practically a desert in itself. So where in Bangor can you experience that kind of fudge? I'll list the best places I have found if you promise me you'll let me know if there is someplace I've missed.

  1. Nicky's Cruise In Diner on Union Street. Some of the best hot fudge I've had.
  2. The Coach House on Wilson Street in Brewer.  Great consistency and oh so chocolaty.
  3. Dysart's has a decent fudge
  4. Governor's restaurant also goes for the real fudge

I don't know of any chain restaurants that go for the real fudge.  But hey I haven't been everywhere. Amanda says her favorite is McDonalds, so there. If you think there is a sundae I need to try, put it into the comment section and I'll give is a try.  All in the name of research I assure you.

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