Those are some pretty fancy crosswalks!

You may have noticed something different about the crosswalks at the intersections at both Forest Avenue and State Street and then Birch Street and State in Bangor.  Well, here's the scoop.

The half-shelled and red areas at the beginning of the crosswalks along with the white colored stands with amber stripes were installed as a temporary "demonstration" by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, to see what drivers and those on foot and bike have to say about them, and if they are indeed any safer than a normal crosswalk that we're all used to.

The design shortens the overall length of the crosswalks and utilizes bright colors in an effort to draw attention and to slow drivers down. If the new design works any better than the older design, then Bangor may install a bunch of them when it begins a State Street reconstruction project in the future.

The reflective traffic delineators will remain in place until the threat of snow when City plows will then become active.

In the meantime, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, Walk 'n Roll Bangor, the Maine Department of Transportation and the AARP would like to know what you think of the newer and hopefully safer crosswalk design.  You can take the city's survey HERE.

You'll answer questions about your driving, walking or biking experience, if you feel that the new crosswalks slow down traffic, and if you felt safer while crossing the road. You'll also be able to give your input about what you like about the new design and how you think that it could be improved.

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