As I was driving to work this morning in Bangor, I was stopped at a red light and saw some pretty hefty demolition going on at 543 Broadway. In the past few years, it's been a few different things. It's been a campaign office, a real estate office, and a few other things over the years, but it's really anchored itself into the business-scape of Bangor. And, of course, behind that lot, was Momma Baldacci's.

So I snapped a quick photo while I was stopped at the light, and when I got to work, decided to see if I could figure out if anything was going into the spot, or if it was going to be part of a larger project in that area. Thanks to super-sleuth web guru, Jeff Tuttle, we discovered a new walk-in care clinic will be opening up in that location. Here's what the building looked like before the wrecking ball:

Photo: Google

As confirmed by the Bangor City Planning Office, a company called ConvenientMD is putting an urgent care center on the property. They have many locations throughout New England already, and the next stop is Bangor. At this time, there is no solid date for their opening, but it is listed as the newest location on the company's website.

But that old tan eyesore -- as well as the old Baldacci's restaurant behind it -- has got to go first, and that's what was going on this morning. As you can tell by the photo, the demolition for the project is in full swing. At this point, it will likely be several months until completion, since it's just getting underway. When it does open, it will probably look something like this:

As more details develop, and we start to see more activity, we will check bask in with more details. Until then, enjoy watching the progress on your morning commute too!