Drive over the bridge that spans Taunton Bay into the town of Sullivan, and you'll notice that a familiar landmark is no longer there.

Yesterday, the old Kane house that sat on Route 1 for over 100 years, was burned to the ground by the Sullivan Fire Department and other agencies.  The departments took down the structure for training purposes, but there was a main reason for the burn.

To make way for a new Dollar General store.  Yes, in the town of Sullivan.

Of course some residents who watched the burn and then later commented on Facebook expressed excitement to have a new business like Dollar General in their town, then there were others that showed a sense of dismay.  Those that appreciated the beauty of the historic home with the barn attached, and those that knew the family that once lived there.

Soon, crews will begin erecting a store anywhere from 7200 to 10,000 square feet on that parcel of land, and the old Kane house will just be a memory.

Thanks to Lynn Dunbar of Sullivan for the fabulous photos of this past Sunday's burn, and to The Downeast Cowboy for the above ground drone footage.

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