I take into account that the origins of Peter Pan stem from early 1900's when life and views were very different.  After I watched this I thought to myself "wow, no wonder people our age can struggle so hard with political correctness".  Apparently we were teethed on every stereo type known to mankind and much of it thanks to none other than Walt Disney and  to be fair many other parts of life.  I mean we were still segregating our schools in 1954 and I all kinds of other politically incorrect things that would take a long time to change. I think the funny thing about Disney is how so many of these stories are still beloved and seldom challenged for their portrayal of certain ethnicities, violence and other stuff.

I love watching the Honest Trailers.  Jon Bailey has such a set of pipes and a really funny was of stating what we all see and never really look at, if you know what I mean. Watch this Honest Trailer of Peter Pan and see if you don't agree t is no wonder we are messed up in the head.