Halloween is on a Saturday this year so I am guessing there will be more parties than ever, let's face it we just need the fun.  Now, when I was about 9 my mother made me a cat costume for Halloween and I have been that more than anything else ever since.  My thoughts on Halloween are really this, although most of us love a good scare I think in this day and age is is really about dress up, pretend and fun more than anything related to all hallows eve and I dare say the National Retail Federation’s hot costume list seems to prove me right.

On the 2015 NRF’s list of Halloween most desired costumes for this Halloween Anna and Elisa and other princesses are topping the most wanted list for little girls and for boys Batman and other action heroes seem to be reining supreme. They add to that our little yellow fellows from Despicable Me will also most likely be out in force as minions are also expected to be a big choice this year.

As for the big girls, grab a broom estimates are that over four million adults going the wicked route for the 11th year running. They also predict that with the political season already heating up, three-quarters of a million adults are already leaning toward politically-inspired costumes as well. And who can blame them, Trump is such a caricature how can we resist.
Have no fear pet parents, they also released the hot pet costumes this season.  Expect to see your favorite four legged kid dressed as pumpkins, hot dogs, Batman, devil dogs or bumble bees, according to the NRF survey.

So haw about you?  Do you dress up for Halloween? Any plans this year?