You have to wonder how it got there.  In it's day, it was one of the finer cars on the road.  Now a days, it's way off the road!

There it lays, on it's roof, up in the woods on the side of Trout Mountain, north of Greenville and just south of Baxter State Park.  A 1958 Buick Estate Wagon.  Nineteen feet of luxury in it's time, now the home to squirrels, raccoons and other critters.

Was it a young couple parked in the woods that met an untimely demise somehow?  Was it a car that was maybe stolen in Boston or Portland, and then dumped deep into the Maine woods so that no one would find it until years later?  Or, did it just run out of it's usefulness, and the owner did what so many did back then, trash it in the woods.

The 1958 Buick Century Estate Wagon sold for $3,831 when it was brand new, and it sported a 364 cubic inch V8 engine that sent all 4,498 lbs. of metal sailing down any highway at quite the clip.

Sitting there on the side of Trout Mountain it certainly does have a story to tell, if only it could talk.

Thanks to the the Forest Fire Lookout Association Maine Chapter for posting this find to Facebook!

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