Honestly, there's a ton of ways folks refer to Hannaford.

They say in some cultures, that the more words there are to describe one thing, the more important it is to that culture. For instance, snow is a big deal to us. We call it anything from "the white stuff" to "a pile of absolute crap". Think of how many nicknames you have for your favorite pet. you get the idea.


On the other hand, sometimes habit or nostalgia get in the way of calling something by it's proper name. Take Hannaford grocery stores for example. shopping for groceries is something we all have to do at some point. And those who are loyal to Hannaford call it any number of things. Hanny's, or incorrectly call it Hannaford's. Others call it Fud's. And still others over pronounce it in a true Mainers way, producing Hannafidz.

What do you call it?

What's interesting, is if you dig through all the comments folks made on social media, there was one clear arc. Aside from calling it a derivative of the actual Hannaford name, a lot of folks referred to their local store by the name it was, however many years ago, before it became a Hannaford store.


So naturally, a lot of people are still quite stuck on Shop n' Save, but a lot of folks called it by their even more local names. Folks in Augusta still occasionally call it Cottle's. In Winthrop, some people still say Mr. Market. Other folks continue to refer to it by the former owners in the town. Lots of folks say Doug's or Bud's or Lounsbury's.

Then others have little pet names for it. Some are surely kind of disparaging, but that's irrelevant. Other folks have awesome ones like Hannafoods .One person calls it Bananafords because that's how their kid says it. It's a bummer Shaw's can't really get in on the action. Because, who's gonna mispronounce Shaw's? Regardless, all this talk reminds me I need milk...

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