As New England states go we have it better than some. 

Reported by CNBC , MIT has put together what they call a "Living Wage Calculator"  and what is calculates is the line between poverty and solvency for a family in any state. Solvency meaning no help from state or family to get by and or thrive. In this formula several things were taken into account including food, housing, child care and health insurance, in addition to other regular costs. The tings they do not include are luxuries like eating out, extra circular activities or sports involvement, savings or investment and any kind of a family vacation.

So what does a family of four need to have as income to cover the necessities according to MIT?

Well let's just run down their numbers for New England:

  • Maine                   66,125
  • New Hampshire  66,943
  • Vermont               68,657
  • Massachusetts    75,418
  • Rhode Island       70,153
  • Connecticut         74,216

How are you doing? Think these numbers are accurate? If these figures are true it is a bit of a sad statement.  According to the Census Bureau the median household income in the State of Maine is 56,277 but on the upside Maine's median family income for Maine was $72,177 in 2017. Still below the U.S. average but with a little to spare at the end of the day.

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