This pooch proved ear wax is not the most absurd snack you can enjoy, thanks to the volume of non-culinary items he packed away into his tummy.

Tiki, a black Lab from suburban Pittsburgh, recently underwent surgery after a vet found a mass in his stomach. Imagine everyone's surprise, though, when they found just what was in his tummy:

Four rubber bands, a Band-Aid, eight pairs of underwear, and sixty-two hair bands is a lot to be in a dog's stomach, especially of Tiki's size."

Sixty-two hair bands? That's more than you could find on MTV during the '80s.

The vet who performed the surgery said it's remarkable just how much Tiki swallowed. "It was just amazing, and it's not easy," he said. "But, thank God, we were able to pull through, and Tiki's recovered very well."

Yeah, but now that everything is out of his stomach, you can bet he's really hungry now.


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