It seems like maybe we can only real count on one hand, the amount of truly good things that have happened as a direct result of all the quarantining from COVID-19, but if there is one thing I've found to be beyond awesome, is the ability to have beer delivered to my house.

Literally, a year ago on Facebook, I was joking that someone should just start delivering alcohol to people at their homes. There are so many benefits. I mean, one is that much fewer people would try and drive to the store when they shouldn't, and when you've had a couple beers repsonsibly at home, you get to feel like a king when it's delivered!

Why not? The sun is shining, you just did the least amount of yard work possible to justify a frosty cold one, but you only have one, and you know you really want three, and you want the first one right now with no delay. Before, you'd have had to decide whether to deny your right's as a lazy man, or take your chances on driving.

We all know you skipped lunch, so that one beer would hit you like a ton of bricks, and you probably shouldn't operate anything heavier than a riding lawn mower. So what do you do? Now, thanks to quarantine rules, that sweet, delicious, bubbly, deliciousness can be brought right to your door.

Think about it.... More jobs for our economy. Safer drivers on the roads. Just a bunch of responsible Mainers, who don't want to stop watching the hummingbirds, but want more adult beverages. Sure, almost all this autobiographical, and I scare more birds than I watch, but that's not the point.

So who do we have to talk to? How do we keep beer delivery when the quarantine is finally lifted? Why would our state tantalize us with something so gloriously logical, just to take it right back away? I'll wear a mask to the store for the rest of my life if you'll just let someone keep bringing me beer.

I can't be the only one that feels this way. For now, I'm just not going to say anything. Maybe if we're all quiet, things will go back to normal, and they'll forget to change the rules back. And if they do... they'll definitely see me complain once or twice on Facebook page. That'll show 'em.


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