An early morning crash claimed the life of an elderly man in Danforth this Wednesday.

Angela Waye
Angela Waye

According to the Maine Department of Public Safety's Public Information Officer, Shannon Moss, the single-vehicle crash is still under investigation, but authorities believe the vehicle's tires and the slick road conditions, due to the sleet and freezing rain that was moving through the area that morning, may have played a role in the situation.

"The vehicle, driven by 81-year-old Anthony Swett of Columbia Falls, ME was traveling northbound when the vehicle went off the road and struck a tree. Mr. Swett was pronounced dead at the scene. He was the only occupant in the vehicle. Initial investigation shows weather and inadequate tires for road conditions are contributing factors in the crash."

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Winter Weather Advisories had been issued for most of New England including Maine, Wednesday morning, with forecasters warning of the potential of sleet and freezing rain for much of the state.

The Maine State Police and other local authorities spent much of Wednesday responding to situations created by the nasty winter weather, with reports of multiple cars having difficulties, due to icy conditions along Maine's roadways.

As we all know, too well, driving in ice and snow can be dangerous. The website says things one of the most important driving tips, when it comes to traveling on icy roads, is to make sure you have 4 properly inflated winter tires on your vehicle, if possible.

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