Keep ahold of those balloons in Unity!

This past Saturday, the town of Unity outlawed the intentional release of 10 or more balloons within a twenty four hour period.  Penny Sampson, who is the chairwoman of the Board of Selection in Unity, came up with the idea after seeing numerous social media posts about people releasing numerous balloons at once during various forms of celebrations or remembrances.

When a balloon is released it can then travel for miles before finally coming down and ending up as ugly litter that may take a generation or two to degrade and break down, if it ever does.  Released balloons are ingested and then kill numerous types of animals on both land and sea.  A released balloon may even cause a power outage, according to

Unity is home to the environmentally friendly Common Ground Country Fair, and that seems to be a good enough reason alone for this new ruling.  But, as more and more cities and towns outlaw plastic grocery bags, this also makes more than perfect sense in our eyes.


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