It's become a common courtesy for folks to brush off the snow and ice from the top of their vehicle, and for good reason.  But then there are those that don't.

Here's a video showing how traumatic it is to be on the receiving end of an ice sheet flying at 60 mph from a vehicle traveling in front of you.  No fun at all.

At least half of all these incidents here in Maine go unreported to police because the person following behind couldn't get a license plate number. But in all reality, charges can not be brought forth anyway, because there currently isn't a straight forward law saying that snow and ice must be cleared from the top of your vehicle.

Although, a cop, at their discretion, could write you up for driving with an unsecured load. It hardly happens at all here in Maine, but it could.

But something to definitely think about is that if a person or persons are hurt in this instance, civil liability can be brought forth, costing the driver whose car flung the ice sheet thousands of dollars, and their insurance company may drop them in the long run as well.

Bottom line - be a good person and clear your vehicle of snow and ice.  It can't hurt.

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