Do you live in Maine? Do you own any gas-powered lawn tools? If so, you may soon be breaking the law.

Erik mclean, Unsplash
Erik mclean, Unsplash

When it comes to the climate change craze, there are really two different kinds of people. People, like me, who don't get all worked up over all the sensationalism that the world is going to end next year. And, people who are very concerned with doing everything they can to protect the planet from lawnmower emissions.

No matter what end of the spectrum you fall on, and we're not saying one is better than the other, we all have to agree that cities all around the country seem to be moving in a more progressive approach when it comes to combatting climate change.

Take for example the city of South Portland, Maine. According to WMTW News 8, at a meeting with city councilors on Tuesday evening, a ban on gas-powered lawn tools was proposed. This comes on the heels of the city working with it's neighbor city, Portland, to achieve new 'sustainability goals' all wrapped together in a program called 'One Climate Future', according to the news station.

zac gudakov, Unsplash
zac gudakov, Unsplash

WMTW is reporting that the proposal to ban gas-powered lawn tools like mowers and leaf blowers now needs to move to the 'workshop' phase of the process. However, South Portland city officials tell residents that if the proposal passes, there is already a planned exemption for lawncare businesses.

Additionally, South Portland officials indicated that they would provide 'ample time' for city residents to make the conversion from gas to electric.

South Portland sustainability director, Julie Rosenbach, was quoted saying in part;

"We still have enormous influence over the climate for the rest of the century. We have a grand challenge, and we have a grand opportunity in front of us."

A current South Portland resident, Jeff Steinbrink, was quoted at Tuesday's meeting saying in part;

"We've heard that the Gulf of Maine is heating up faster than 99% of the other large bodies of water on the planet and then on the other hand, we've heard from people who will be damned if they're going to part with their gas mowers," 

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